Tim Franklin


    Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, Tim grew up living a healthy, active lifestyle like most Aussie kids. But in his adolescence, the road to good health became an uphill battle, and before long, faced with a multitude of health issues, suddenly good health seemed out of reach. At his darkest hour, weighing in at 120kg Tim realised his lifestyle fuelled by poor diet, alcohol, corporate life and partying was likely to send him to an early grave.

    The pivotal moment came whilst practising law when Tim came across a quote in a case he was working written by a parent that had lost their child. The quote read, “the hardest thing a parent has to do is bury their own child”. At this point, it dawned on him that his bad choices could potentially lead his parents to be doing the same. It was time to stop and make change, the fire within began to burn at this point, there was no turning back. If not for him, he was changing his life for the people he loved.

    The next day, putting his best foot forward, Tim embarked on what he thought was the impossible, lacing up and running a very slow and extremely painful 2.2km. It was the hardest 28 minutes of his life, but there was no looking back, the old Tim was 2.2km behind him, and he realised at that point that his future possibilities would be endless if he was just willing to keep on moving.

    Tim’s Audacious Goal..

    • Become the 8th person ever to run around the world.
    • A total distance of 26,232km.
    • Crossing 4 continents.
    • Running through 19 countries.
    • Currently on day 514 – Mt Gambier South Australia.
    • Averaging 50+ KM per day
    • Average of 7hrs 27mins on the road each day
    • Running into Sydney May 30/31st
    • Finishing in Brisbane June 30th
    • 18 pairs of shoes, 8 pairs of sunglasses, 31 rotating support crew, 4473 litres of water, 4 floods, 1 tornado, 194015m total elevation gain.
    • One ordinary guy on an extraordinary adventure.