Professor Laura Miller

Professor (Occupational Therapy) - Australian Catholic University

    Laura is an occupational therapist with 25 years clinical experience working with children with disabilities, and their families. Laura has a PhD in Clinical Sciences and a Master of Health Services Management and has held leadership positions within non-government, private and public health, and disability sectors, both nationally and internationally.

    Laura is a Professor in the School of Allied Health at the Australian Catholic University and is the Chief Investigator on the ENVISAGE program of research. ENVISAGE: Enabling Visions and Growing Expectations is a nationally and internationally funded program of research that seeks to empower families and communities raising children with developmental concerns and disabilities.
    Laura has conducted multi organisational, international, and national clinical trials with children with disabilities and their families over the past decade. Laura currently has 25 industry partnerships across Australia supporting the implementation and evaluation of ENVISAGE nationally.