Bill Vicenzino 

Professor in Physiotherapy | UQ School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

    Bill Vicenzino holds a Chair in Sports Physiotherapy, is the Director of the Masters of Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletla and Sports) program, and is the Director of the Sports Injuries Rehabilitation and Prevention for Health research Unit at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. Bill completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1980) at the University of Queensland, where he also obrained his Doctor of Philosophy (2000). He completed his Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy (Distinction, 1984) and Master of Science (1992) at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. Bill’s research focusses on physical interventions for musculoskeletal pain and injury. His main focus is on conditions that tend towards persistence, such as tendinopathy of the elbow, hip, knee, and heel; knee cap pain (patellofemoral pain); and ankle injuries. Bill has advised 40 PhD and 2 MPhil students to graduation since 2000 and has over 400 publications relating to his research and teaching subject areas. He will present his findings from recent research and clinical trials on the biopsychosocial features of patellofemoral pain and its management with foot orthoses and/or exercises.